3 Years of sanju - SCENE ANALYSIS (1)

3 Years Of Sanju : Scene Analysis

This scene is the soul of the story.. why you may ask because Sanju did all of the things he shouldn’t have done for only one thing…for the love of his dad. And we seldom say “I love you” to our fathers and I never understand why we do so when in the heart we know we’ll do anything, cross mountains any limit for them like Sanju did and still we manage to never actually say the words, I love you.

Life is a road that may go on for years or even end the next second, it’s a gamble, it’s an unsteady flicker of light that can go out any moment and we don’t what or who we may lose the next time we wake up, we don’t know when is our last moment with a particular person and that’s the worst thing but that’s what makes life, life. And so it happens, Sanju didn’t know his dad wouldn’t be able to hear what he has to say the next day and it crushes our heart and at the same time while watching the scene you look at your parents and your eyes are full of tears you want to utter the words cause you never know when it will be the end.

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This scene is my favorite though it’s one of the most painful scenes and it’s so pure that it touches your heart. The scene is a metaphor of the love of a father and a son, a love that has always been there what if it wasn’t spoken aloud, it was felt every step of the way. When Sanju aka Ranbir walls up to his dad’s dead body on the pyre and utters “love you, dad.” it just melts your heart and you cannot stop the tears welling up.

All the things he wanted to say to his dad, that he was his everything he was his hero, and he deserved a son but no other son could have loved him as he did is so true and pure. A father and son’s love couldn’t have been displayed better. Before it’s too late say “I love you” to your mom & dad to everyone you want to say it too, because you never know.

By Tanya D Saxena @ikkgumkudi

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