Have a question about The Magic Journal? Check out our FAQs page. We have selected some of the most commonly asked questions to give you a better insight into better understanding about TMJ

What is The Magic Journal?

The Magic Journal (TMJ) is a community that brings together very talented writers, storytellers, singers, content creators, and many more talented people around the globe. The Magic Journal is the dedicated content creator in the cinema industry. TMJ recommends the best movies, web series, shows, and songs with over one year of experience. We are a young and vibrant team of tremendously result-oriented, and energetic select writers.

How to become the select writer of The Magic Journal?

TMJ selects the Select Writers every end of the month most probably. So you just need to keep checking on our Instagram page stories and can apply with us further.

How can I submit my writing?

You can submit your writing here. Please do not mail your writings to us, they won’t be posted.

What type of writings can I be submit?

Please Note: Do not submit any plagiarized content. We are strictly against plagiarism and might block all future submissions from you.

Type Of writings that can be submitted :

  1. Open Letter to characters
  2. Song Synopsis
  3. Dialogue Synopsis
  4. Scene Analysis of movies
  5. Movie Review/ Recommendation

We DON’T accept any poems or poetries.

Please note that there is no conformation that your writing will be posted. Our team will choose the best.

Will I get credit for my submitted Writing?

Yes of course. Your write-up will be posted by giving you proper credits and you will be tagged if you send your Instagram handle while submitting your writing.

How can I get in touch for promotions, campaigns, and collaboration?

You can directly mail us themagicjournalbyshivani@gmail.com or can DM us on Instagram (@themagicjournal_)

How can I submit my videos for IGTV videos on Instagram or for a YouTube channel?

You directly mail us themagicjournalbyshivani@gmail.com or can DM us on Instagram (@themagicjournal_)

What type of Videos can I submit?

You send your podcast audio or your video on any topic like Hindi poetry, an open letter to a cinema character, talks on social issues, or dialogue synopsis.
While submitting send the recited subtitle in text form and one smiling photo of yours which will be used as a cover photo of the video.
DON’T send English video or audio

You can check out our YouTube Channel Videos for reference videos. Click here

Do not hesitate to reach out on themagicjournalbyshivani@gmail.com for a fruitful conversation, or business!