Some of Amaal Mallik's greatest compositions

Amaal has composed several hits in Bollywood movies & a few solo albums ever since, & his popularity among the youth is massively growing ever since. These are just few of the numerous beautiful tracks he has composed.

Tere Mere,

A song that spreads its warmth through your heart in seconds, Tere Mere is a ballad of an incomplete, yearning love that you seek while losing yourself to the soothing tunes of this beautiful composition by Amaal along with Armaan’s magical voice.

Hua Hai Aaj Pehli Baar,

One of the most underrated tracks of all time, this song is an upbeat fantasy of love that goes way beyond the realms of earth, & whose symphony touches the sky & beyond. This song is proof that sometimes the best music is the one that’s savored by fewer people who appreciate it wholeheartedly.

Soch Na Sake,

A melody like none other, Soch Na Sake sings to you with its soulful tunes & meaningful words set against a tense backdrop to remind you that love is the answer to everything that’s wrong in the world, & that Amaal’s music combined with Arijit’s voice can transport you to a land of ecstasy.

Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon,

The anthem of unrequited, incomplete & pure love, this melody is one of the Malik brother classics which is here to remain evergreen forever. A song that lingers in our mind for days every time we hear it, this track is on every music lover’s playlist.

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Phir Kabhi,

A song about surrendering yourself to the power of love, Phir Kabhi is an underappreciated gem amidst thousands of love songs. The Amaal-Arijit combination proves itself once again while it takes you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane as you fondly recollect your first love.

Kuch To Hai,

A song about the fear of abandonment & losing a loved one can only feel magical when a talented composer like Amaal weaves his magic into it. Kuch Toh Hai is another evergreen track that leaves you feeling surreal every single time.

Ghar Se Nikalte Hi,

A song that feels like nothing less than a fantasy in a foreign land, this symphony is a trip down memory lane as you embrace the innocence of having a first crush that means the world to you & leaves you smiling till date. With soothing notes & innocent words, this song hits you right in the feels.

Sab Tera,

With immensely powerful lyrics & music that feels like a gift to your soul, Sab Tera leaves you feeling fuzzy & blushing as you reminisce your own experiences when you hear this fantastic track.

Kaun Tujhe,

A song that’s indeed in a league of its own, Kaun Tujhe is undoubtedly Amaal’s masterpiece. A tale of affection, separation & undying love, Kaun Tujhe is a dedication to every lover out there, which never fails to leave us in awe of its beauty.

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