Songs That Made Us Fall Head Over Heels For Sanam Puri

Songs That Made Us Fall Head Over Heels For Sanam Puri

Dhat Teri Ki,

One of the finest party tracks with groovy beats & brilliant music that remains one of our favourites till date, Dhat Teri Ki is a sizzling track where Sanam proves that he can ace fast songs as much as the soothing ones.

Ishq Bulaava,

Sanam’s enigmatic voice in this symphony is one that plays in our mind every time we across this must-have song in our playlists. Ishq bulaava is a saga of romance strung together with words that bloom like the prettiest flowers, asking us to come to fall in love.


This mellow, soulful melody shines bright with Sanam’s voice, as it offers a fresh take on love where it shows complete gratitude to the universe & the almighty to have found it. The vocals are stunning & this track is an unmissable hit.

Gulaabi Aankhein,

A beautiful ode to the original classic, Sanam’s version of Gulaabi Aankhein makes us swoon like never before. Only a talented artist like him holds the power to make fans of the original song love his tribute to it equally.

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Lag Ja Gale,

A bittersweet, teary-eyed classic is given a newer voice & exemplary background music with Sanam’s rendition of it. Every time he says “shaayad iss janam mein, mulakat ho na ho” we are left in complete awe of his voice all over again.

Hai Apna Dil Toh Awaara,

Sanam’s version of another timeless classic is a playful, stunning variation to a hoard of monotonous songs that exist around us. It brings with it a sense of freshness & joy, one that stays with us just as much as the original song.

O Mere Dil Ke Chain,

A timeless Kishore Kumar song that’s famous even today, is done justice to by Sanam as his incredible vocals combined with the perfect pitch & melody soothe our souls.

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