Soulful Renditions by Pritam Chakraborty

Soulful Renditions by Pritam Chakraborty

Tum se Hi —

With Tum se hi, you would find back the colors to paint your world with even if the world had left you with the color grey. Love that has stayed even when the whole world turned away, filling all the empty spaces with hope till the very end of time. Tum se hi, it is that one melody that waters love and makes it bloom into sunflowers, of hope and acceptance. It is that exaggerated feeling of gratitude of very first honest love, an 11:11 wish while you listen to this closing your eyes.

Tune Jo Na Kaha —

It is a song for a person who didn’t confess their love, yet knew that the other person could feel it somewhere deep down themselves. They act like they don’t know it, but they know? It’s the story of every person who doesn’t leave, not because they want to, but they have to.
All they want is to be hugged, kissed for the last time, maybe enough to last for a lifetime.

Aashiyan —

“Itti si hassi, itti si khushi” Aashiyan is a song that makes us fall in love in moments between memories. Trees, mountains, dancing, everything that makes one heart ache with laughter, this song is an ode to that. To all those beautiful things that make you cry with hope.

Aashiyan builds a home in you and me with warmth and seeks shelter with hope. So, on days you feel lonely just play this and listen to it on loop, you will find your sunshine or be your own.

Tum Mile —

Falling in love is the most natural act we as humans do, we fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time — that’s how magical it is. We find that person just in the middle of everywhere – in chaos and confusion, in the places we can’t be together with them, in that crowded place, in our dreams, in that last visit to our favorite cafe, in our memories, in poems— almost in everything. And, tum mile is the background sound of that almost in everything person.

Bheegi si Bhaggi si —

On a day when you would urge yourself to let down your longing and show your love the way rain does to the earth, this song would nurse all your affection you had planted in a far more secret and more desperate kind— with its first shower of rain. Bheegi si Bhaggi si is that love ballad that would drench you in its realization with a coyly smile.

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Kabira —

Kabira is a wanderer’s plea and an ache to come back home after being gone too long. It’s a yearning for coming home at the end of the day, where there are no excuses and regrets, where one just stops and rest contending what he has sought after a long day. It’s in the words of Naina-, “Jitna bhi try Karo Bunny, life mein kuch na kuch chootega hi tho Jaha hai vahi ka maza lete hai” where we realize that happiness is in the moment. It is about cherishing the present and creating memories to store in your own “yaadon ka Dabba”.

Chanaa Mereya —

So, this song might be titled as the one-sided lover’s anthem but the lyrics tell you that you carry the memories of your beloved all the way. You want to take away all their darkness and seek hope in that. Isn’t that the most honest purest way of showing love to your heart? It is a heavy battle, getting one’s heartbroken and then collecting the shattered pieces, putting them back together mending it. Only in the hope to pray for that person’s goodwill.

Zara Sa —

Zara Sa is subtle yet the strongest confession that one makes to their lover. Is the background score of that moment of confession after you pause to realize that love had entered itself in the compartments of your heart, ways. You would hold the face of your lover even in the thorns of pain. This song will tell you how love is that risk worth taking, Zara Sa is special, isn’t it.

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Mat Aazma Re —

Some songs become poetry scribbled over one’s heart and soul. Songs that take one closer to their solace and songs that are as ceaseless as water, and this song is a synonym of that. Beautifully sung by our favorite KK, and composed by Pritam, this song is an ode to being in love and loved back too.

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