Soulful Songs By Sona Mohapatra

Soulful Songs By Sona Mohapatra – A Birthday Appreciation Post


In Sona Mohapatra’s rustic voice, grooving music and Punjabi lyrics, this song is just complete to make you feel cheerful. It voices the innocence and hesitation of the girl who wants to fall in love. “Mai kaliyon ke jaisi, meri alhad umar niyaadi. Choti si ye jaan meri aur joban behta paani”.


This song takes us to a world where love is celebrated in the most pious manner. The person who carries our heart makes it blossom with promises of togetherness. It beautifully describes how lovers enter life and add beauty to all moments. Sona Mohapatra’s earthy voice makes it even more blissful.


“Neend ud jaave, chain chad jaave. Ishq di faqeeri jad jag jaave”. One can’t deny the mendicancy that the heart succumbs to when we fall for someone. No amount of love suffices the want for it. It’s just not the same after falling in love because the world of love is magnetically beautiful.

Jiya laage na- With a perfect blend of folk in it’s lyrics and powerful beats, this song intrigues to feel the state of two lovers. Sona Mohapatra’s enchanting voice augments the emotions this song portrays in the most benevolent manner.


The song “Rupaiya” in Sona Mohapatra’s empowering voice is a bold anthem against dowry. It voices the women who believe that marriage should not lead to bartering their freedom and worth. It is a realization thrown at the entire population suffering from intellectual diarrhea who believe women are meant to be weighed with money.

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Despite a zillion efforts towards women’s empowerment, women are still struggling for attaining the freedom they deserve. Yet, women will keep putting in efforts rather than giving up and “Bekhauff” voices this mind-boggling attitude. “Deewarein oonchi hain, galiyan hain tang. Lambi dagar hai par himmat hai sang. Paanv pe chaale hain saanse buland. Ladne chali hu azaadi ki jang”.

Ghar yaad Aata Hai Mujhe-

It’s overwhelming how Sona Mohapatra’s songs vocal the sufferings of women meticulously. This song describes the state of mind of women as they leave their homes after marriage. “Wo garmiyon ki raat, wo jaade ki baat. Wo paani ka matka, rasoi ki yaad. Sab sataata hai mujhe.”

Raat ke Musaafir-

“Duniya ki rasmo ko aaina dikha ke, dikha chale. Fitrat me jinki tha manzil khud hi chunna. Anjaane veeranein raahon pe bhi chalna”. With it’s empowering lyrics, the song Raat ke Musaafir speaks volumes on the rights of women. Women deserve to feel safe in public places and to chase their dreams unabashedly. The narrow-minded should realize that women too deserve a life of freedom.


The song Rangabaati by Sona Mohapatra describes a woman’s beauty in an intoxicating manner. With it’s poetically beautiful lyrics and grooving beats, it’s a song that makes one admire women for being such adorbs. The words “Rangabati Rangabati Konokolatha, Hasi Pade Koholo Kotha” enchantingly portray how the eyes long for that smile which makes the moments memorable, and the sweet words of endearment that bless the ears.

By Kaushiki Pandey (@kaushiki__writes)


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